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We are a Mexican club that innovatively ventures in the aviation segment, newly formed and fully aligned with a philosophy of safety and professionalism, with an emphasis on freedom, adventure and entertainment. Enjoy THE BEST VIEW OF CABO SAN LUCA' most spectacular scenic flight and the most visually awesome Tandem Skydive you can ever imagine. The flight before the jump offers a complete 360º bird’s eye view of CABO SAN LUCAS's awesome coastal. When reaching 10,000 feet, the aircraft door will open, and you will get to tandem skydive Harnessed to an experienced qualified Instructor. Then, in the open air you will experience flying – free falling for about a minute reaching a speed of 200 Km/hour, before the instructor will open the canopy and you will get to slide down in air for about 5 minutes, seeing the beautiful surrounding on your way down until the safe landing. The take off is done from the magnificent CABO SAN LUCAS , with views of CABO SAN LUCA’s This is your once in a life time chance to fly over the top of one of the most spectacular CABO SAN LUCAS's in the World.... Brand new VIP exclusive! Experience the beautiful and exhilarating thrill of skydiving over the azure waters of Cabo San Lucas and the world-famous Lands End arch. With this once in a lifetime opportunity safely land on Lovers Beach with one of our internationally experienced instructors, after which you will be collected by boat and returned to the San Lucas marina. Share this experience with a friend or make it a romantic, adrenaline filled date.
We are a company that offers an unforgettable experience for its customers, taking care of your satisfaction from the start and that of our shareholders and employees. And that impacts positively on the environment and societyAll instructors are qualified with required certificates to operate Tandem Skydiving in USA On each flight can go up to 5 people No age limitation – under the age of 18 parents consent is required Weight limitation should be between 100kg- 240POUNDS For pregnant women and people suffering from heart problems, Asthma or other physical problems, doctor certificate/approval is required The skydiving is offered everyday from 08:00 – 18:00 footwear - Training shoes or sport shoes are ideal The full duration of the skydiving excursion is of about 1 hour
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WEIGHT LIMIT 220/230 Pounds
11500 FT
Normal Price
$320 usd per person  BOOK HERE
Falls elsewhere, and promotional
jump can vary price
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Whatsapp - Cabo Skydive 624 110 8635
Email - Cabo Skydive caboskydive@gmail.com
Ubication - Cabo Skydive Camino Viejo a San Jose 23410 Cabo San Lucas (Baja California Sur), Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 23470
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